Oval Lifting Eye

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201-EA Complete lift eye assembly
201-LE Lift Eye with base
201-LER 12" Rod for 201-EA
203-SPE Sling (casting)
203CBL Cross bar for sling
203BE Bow Eye

  • Small compact unit.
  • Unit can be drained or sealed water tight.
  • Hub pivots two ways to overcome a slight misalignment at installation.
  • All stainless steel parts; eye and base are 316, lifting hardware is 304. 
  • The sling is a solid casting for increased strength.
  • Parts may be purchased seperately.
  • Requires less clearance under deck than our lifting cleats..
  • Fastens to deck with four #10 screws.


The maximum working load is 4,000 pounds in the direction of the axis of the threaded rod shank only.  Test results available upon request.

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Picture of Complete lift eye assembly - Everything Included
Complete lift eye assembly - Everything Included
SKU: 201-EA

Picture of Lift eye with base
Lift eye with base
SKU: 201-LE

Picture of Cross bar for sling
Cross bar for sling

Picture of Sling (casting)
Sling (casting)
SKU: 203S

Picture of Bow Eye
Bow Eye
SKU: 203BE

Picture of 12" Rod for 201-LE
12" Rod for 201-LE
SKU: 201-LER

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