Top-Mount Backing Plate for 209 Series Mooring Cleats

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209-4-TMP 4 1/2" Top mount backing plate
209-6-TMP 6" Top mount backing plate
209-8-TMP 8" Top mount backing plate
209-10-TMP 10" Top mount backing plate


  • Allows for easy installation from above the deck.
  • No need for access below the deck. 


  • Place the template (backing plate) in the desired location.  Make sure that there is adequate clearance for the Pop-Up® or Pull-Up mechanism below the deck.
  • Trace the cleat cut-out area and spot the small threaded hole.  Do not spot the four mounting holes yet.
  • Cut out the cleat installation area.
  • Drill a 3/16" diameter hole for the #6 screw.
  • Place cleat in cut-out and spot the four mounting holes.
  • Remote the cleat and drill the four mounting holes.
  • Place the backing plate through the cut-out and install the #6 screw through the deck into the backing plate.  Be careful not to drop the backing plate down into the hull.  Do not overtighten the #6 screw.
  • Replace the cleat into the cut-out and install the four mounting screws through the cleat and deck into the backing plate.
Top-Mount Backing Plate for 4.5" Pull-Up Cleat (209 Series)
SKU: 209-4-TMP

Top-Mount Backing Plate for 6" Pull-Up Cleat (209 Series)
SKU: 209-6-TMP

Top-Mount Backing Plate for 8" Pull-Up Cleat (209 Series)
SKU: 209-8-TMP

Top-Mount Backing Plate for 10" Pull-Up Cleat (209 Series)
SKU: 209-10-TMP

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